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Imagine lounging on her deck at anchor in a beautiful bay, watching the sunset on the horizon.

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Bylgja Luxury Sailing

Enjoy a relaxed sailing week at a leisurely pace with family or friends. Or join us for an exhilarating regatta. Challenge yourself and your business friends at a teambuilding event.  Meet with colleagues in a unique environment. Combine business and pleasure in one day. Or book us for a multiple day event

Bylgja is a yacht with unique sailing capabilities; a yacht that combines comfort, subtleness and speed. She challenges and relaxes. Whatever your destination is. We welcome you on board Bylgja.

A Little About our Ship

Sailing the Bylgja

Bylgja is a brand new 2 mast 66 foot ketch-rigged Noordkaper. She carries 4 sails with a total area of 220 square meters. The name “Bylgja” is the Icelandic translation for “wave”. She is a true beauty, sixty-six feet – just over twenty metres long.

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